The ChocolateSmith store hours are 10-5:30 M-F, 10-5 Sat, Closed on Sunday

You may order online for instore pickup or by phone 505 473 2111

About Us

At the ChocolateSmith, we produce honest chocolate, in full view of our customers, with ingredients selected for their superior taste. We believe in supporting local & organic traditions, as well as the living wage principle. We love what we do & know that you will too! We continue to grow, mostly by word of mouth and are eager for your feedback on our latest creations & your experience! For us, honest chocolate is all about sharing!

Our quaint chocolate boutique is located in the destination city of Santa Fe, NM, home to many an artist & unique historic tradition. You’ll find us nestled amongst several other locally owned & operated small businesses conveniently located just south of Whole Foods—a short jaunt away from the downtown plaza. Our alluring products bring many familiar faces & several from other places, keeping our little shop quite busy! The aroma of fresh dark chocolate & pure goodness will guide you right to our door. Behind the counter you discover the source of this intoxication-a river of silky dark chocolate flows steadily into a basin below where it is churned & tempered. You ask to please jump right into the machine. We smile sympathetically as this is the third request of the morning.

It Seems Like You Are Five Years Old Again...

Standing wide-eyed before the mysteries. Breaking the spell, you notice a chocolatier carefully dipping caramels into a pot of dark chocolate, then setting the glistening squares in neat rows on the marble table to cool. An empty bowl is filled with melted chocolate from the steady stream & is poured over a tray full of toasted almonds & ground espresso beans, as Mocha Almond Bark is carefully prepared. The display case brimming with chocolate barks, pates, dipped caramels, and drops in many tempting flavors beckon your attention. We suggest that you try a sample as you find several of the chocolates you’ve been eying lying out on the cutting board, just waiting to meet your acquaintance. We look on eagerly to see your cheeks fill with delight as you experience an unexpected combination and new favorite. You take a deep breath & inhale the rich aroma. You have found true love & want to linger in its embrace.