Whoo’s Donuts is now open 7 days a week 8am-12pm.

We strongly encourage ordering one day in advance via email whoosemail@gmail.com or by phone 505 629 1678

The ChocolateSmith is now open Monday –Saturday 11am-4pm

Please order online for instore pickup or by phone 505 473 2111

Wedding Favors

Santa Fe style comes to ChocolateSmith! And who could resist a wax-covered, hand-decorated cactus or a chili filled with gourmet chocolate paté? How about a cowboy hat and boot? What better way to say "Santa Fe" than with ChocolateSmith gourmet chocolate?

Dark Chocolate Paté- Joyful Heart

Dark Chocolate Paté- Joyful Heart

What could be more Joyful than a Heart filled with Chocolate? These sweet suggestions are always in ..


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